Thursday, June 28, 2012

THE SHOW IS UP.........Now What?

Critic's Tip
Boston Globe G Calendar Magazine
June 28, 2012

Often, a one-person exhibition is sort of a let down. Shows are usually scheduled a couple of years out and what follows is a lot of work, mostly in solitude. Then the show is hung for a month or so. It is now time to take account of what's hanging, first, is it any good? Is it cohesive? Does it show progress and perhaps indicate new avenues of expression? Or, is it just the same old, same old? Fortunately, I don't have to make these determinations.I have tried to illustrate the thinking process during the A52 year. To my surprise, a great many people have been following the blog, for that I am flattered and grateful. Several have suggested that it be made into a book, others have requested
I continue on the road to my next show.....maybe, but you know it's a lot of work.

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Monday, June 11, 2012

The Show Goes Up...............

"With APONOVICH 52, James has entered a new terrain for painters of his genre. With his strict conceptual time-based premise of completing one painting each week during the past year, his painting methodology become part performance, part ritual and part obsession. In directing all of his thoughts and efforts to complete a painting each week, Aponovich 52 is a work of profound contemplation on art and the act of painting: transcendent , inspirational and visionary."

Dana Salvo, Clark Gallery


A Painting Marathon
52 Weeks / 52 Paintings

June 12-July 28, 2012

Reception Saturday, June 16 from 4:00-6:00

Clark Gallery
145 Lincoln Rd., Lincoln,MA

Studio Still Life , Evening
James Aponovich

This painting was done after the "52" project was completed, but if you look carefully at the studio shelves you will notice several of the objects that I included in paintings over the
year long marathon.

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