Friday, September 5, 2014


On a Balcony in Panicale
( photo: Stew Vreeland)

I have started a new blog.

It  occurred to me that where I live in Peterborough, New Hampshire and where I "live" in Panicale, Umbria ( Italy) are on both on the same latitude, the 43rd Parallel.
I paint, draw, cook, and eat in both places, and each town although an ocean apart have an influence on my work and art.

Follow along on the journey.
I will do a weekly post, for at least the next year.

Here is the link:
Aponovich 43 /  Parallel Lives: A Transatlantic Journal


  1. Was in Perugia, Italy last September. It would have been nice to catch up with an old friend from Nashua and UNH. How are you my friend? Do you remember our Manchester scare?

  2. I recently acquired an early work of yours from 1977. Would love to touch base with you to learn more about the work. I am beyond thrilled with it.